Fuegian Steamer Duck (Tachyeres pteneres)

The Fuegian Steamer Duck is a species of waterfowl found in the southern hemisphere. It is also known as the Magellanic Flightless Steamer Duck and is the largest of the steamer duck species.

As its name suggests, this bird cannot fly and is primarily a strong swimmer. It is found in the coastal waters of southern Chile and Argentina, particularly in the region of Tierra del Fuego. The Fuegian Steamer Duck is well adapted to its aquatic environment with its muscular legs and webbed feet that allow for efficient swimming.

The Fuegian Steamer Duck is a large and stocky bird, with males weighing around 4.2 kg and females around 3.6 kg. Its elongated wings are not suitable for flight but are instead used as paddles during swimming. The distinctive features of the male Fuegian Steamer Duck include its reddish-brown head and neck, while its body is a dark brown or black color. Females, on the other hand, have a lighter brown head and neck with a dark brown or black body.

One of the most fascinating behaviors of this bird is its territorial aggression. Male Fuegian Steamer Ducks are incredibly aggressive towards other males that enter their territory, even to the point of engaging in physical combat. Their aggression is not limited to other birds but also extends to other animals, such as dogs or humans that get too close to their territories.

In terms of diet, the Fuegian Steamer Duck subsists mainly on aquatic invertebrates such as crabs and mollusks, which they find by diving to the ocean floor. They have also been known to feed on smaller fish or seaweed.

Though the population of the Fuegian Steamer Duck is not currently endangered, habitat destruction and overfishing of their food sources put them at risk. Conservation efforts are necessary to ensure the continued survival of these unique and fascinating birds.

Other names

Tachyeres pteneres



Fuegian Steamer Duck

ànec vapor de Magallanes



mageljanska parobrotka

kachyně parníková

Duck Kæmpeand



Brassemer cendré


Anatra vaporiera di Magellano


magelaninė žvynuotoji antis


torpedówka magellańska


Магелланова утка-пароход

Neleteća parobrodska patka

parníkovka veľká

Pato vapor del Magallanes


Macellan Forsa Ördeği

качка-пароплав магеланська