South African Shelduck (Tadorna cana)

The South African Shelduck, also known as Tadorna cana, is a species of waterfowl that is commonly found in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. It is renowned for its unique physical appearance and interesting behaviors.

The Shelduck has a striking appearance, with a mix of grey, white, and black feathers. It has a long, powerful bill that is used to catch insects, mollusks, and crustaceans. The bird's Males are slightly larger than the females, weighing up to 1.5kg, while females generally weigh less, up to 1.3kg.

The bird is classified as a non-migratory species, though it may move on occasion to find a suitable breeding ground or water source. They are commonly found near freshwater lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

It is an intelligent and social bird that lives in groups, which aids in the bird's protection from predators. They live in pairs and form a bond for life. They communicate through various vocalizations, including honking, whistling, and hissing.

The South African Shelduck breeds during the rainy season, and unlike most ducks, they do not build a nest. Instead, they find a suitable cavity, such as a rock or tree hollow, to lay their eggs. They lay 6-12 eggs per clutch, with an incubation period of approximately 32 days.

The South African Shelduck has faced a decline in numbers due to the loss of habitat and pollution, leading to the restriction of its range and negatively impacting its breeding success. In response, various conservation efforts have been put in place to preserve its population and habitat, including measures to protect breeding sites, reduce pollution, and enforce hunting restrictions.

In conclusion, the South African Shelduck is a fascinating bird with unique physical characteristics, intelligent social behavior, and interesting breeding patterns. It is a crucial part of the ecosystem, contributing to insect control and wetland maintenance. May its conservation efforts continue to ensure its long-term survival.

Other names

Tadorna cana



South African Shelduck

ànec sud-africà



južnoafrička utva

husice šedohlavá

Sydafrikansk Gravand

Kaapse Casarca


Tadorne à tête grise


Casarca del Sudafrica


pilkagalvė urvinė antis


kazarka szarogłowa


Сероголовый огарь

Kapska utva

kazarka sivohlavá

Tarro sudafricano

gråhuvad rostand

Gri Başlı Angıt

огар сіроголовий

Kopereend (Bergeend)

kapi tulipart

szürkefejű ásólúd