Crested Shelduck (Tadorna cristata)

The Crested Shelduck is a beautiful and unique species of waterfowl that is native to East Asia. It is known for its distinctive appearance, with a striking black and white coloration and a prominent, feathered crest on its head. The Crested Shelduck is a medium-sized bird, typically measuring around 50 cm in length and weighing between 750 and 1000 grams.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Crested Shelduck is its breeding behavior. Unlike many other duck species, Crested Shelducks are monogamous and form long-term pair bonds. Males will often engage in elaborate courtship displays, including head-bobbing, wing-flapping, and vocalizations, to attract a mate. In the wild, Crested Shelducks typically nest in tree hollows near waterways, and females will lay a clutch of 6-10 eggs.

Unfortunately, the Crested Shelduck is currently considered a critically endangered species, with only a few hundred individuals remaining in the wild. The primary threats to the species include habitat loss, hunting, and poaching for their feathers and eggs. In response to this dire situation, several conservation efforts have been launched to protect and preserve the Crested Shelduck population.

One such effort is the establishment of captive breeding programs in zoos and conservation centers. These programs aim to supplement the wild population by breeding Crested Shelducks in captivity and releasing them into the wild. Additionally, researchers are studying the ecology and behavior of the birds in order to better understand their needs and develop targeted conservation strategies.

Overall, the Crested Shelduck is a fascinating and important species that deserves our attention and protection. Through conservation efforts and public awareness campaigns, we can help ensure that these beautiful birds continue to thrive in their native habitats.

Other names

Tadorna cristata



Crested Shelduck

ànec encaputxat



istočnoazijska utva

husice chocholatá




Tadorne de Corée


Casarca crestata


kuoduotasis urvinė antis


kazarka czubata


Хохлатая пеганка

Korejska utva

kazarka chochlatá

Tarro crestado


Tepeli Suna

галагаз чубатий


koreai ásólúd

cekulainā dižpīle