Black-billed Brushturkey (Talegalla fuscirostris)

The Black-billed Brushturkey, also known as the Bush Turkey or the Scrub Turkey, is a large ground-dwelling bird found in the forests and woodlands of Australia and New Guinea. The bird is known for its distinctive appearance and behavior which includes scratching and digging at the ground to create large mounds used for nesting.

The Brushturkey is a relatively large bird; it can grow up to 75 cm in length and weigh up to 2 kg. The bird features a black head, neck, and wings with a brownish-black body and a bright yellow wattle on its neck. Its bill is black, hence the name Black-billed Brushturkey.

The bird's diet consists of a variety of food including fruit, seeds, and insects. In search of food, the bird is known to scratch and dig at the ground with its strong legs and feet, which also aid in creating its nesting mounds. The mounds can vary in size, ranging from 1 to 4 meters in length, and can reach heights of 70 cm.

One of the most remarkable behaviors of the Brushturkey is its nesting ritual. The male Brushturkey builds a large mound of leaves, twigs, and soil in a secluded area. The female lays around ten eggs in the mound, and the male is responsible for incubating them for up to two months, using the heat from the composting vegetation to keep the eggs warm. Once the eggs hatch, the chicks are left to fend for themselves, and the male continues to maintain the mound until it decomposes.

However, the Brushturkey's habitat is threatened by deforestation, fire, and human activity. Conservation efforts are underway to ensure their survival, including reducing habitat damage and implementing nest protection measures.

In conclusion, the Black-billed Brushturkey is an impressive bird species native to Australia and New Guinea. The bird's unique nesting ritual, diet, and behavior make it a noteworthy part of the ecosystem. While conservation efforts are underway, there is still much to learn and discover about these fascinating birds.

Other names

Talegalla fuscirostris



Black-billed Brushturkey

talègol becnegre



crnokljuna kokošina

tabon černozobý

Sortnæbbet Tallegalla



Talégalle à bec foncé


Megapodio becconero


juodasnapė šiukšliavištė


nogal czarnodzioby


Черноклювый большеног

Žutonoga megapoda

tabon čiernozobý

Talégalo piquinegro

svartnäbbad buskhöna

Kara Gagalı Talegalo

великоніг чорнодзьобий


feketecsőrű talegallatyúk

Maleo paruh-hitam