Black-billed Capercaillie (Tetrao urogalloides)

The Black-billed Capercaillie is a large game bird, also known as the Western Capercaillie, found in the forests of Europe. It is the largest member of the grouse family, weighing between 1.5 and 6 kg. The male is larger than the female and has a distinctive black bill that distinguishes it from its cousin, the Willow Grouse.

The Capercaillie has unique physical features that make it easy to spot in the forest. The males are black with white speckles on their wings, and they have an impressive fan-like tail of feathers that they use to attract females during mating season. The females are less noticeable, being a brownish-grey color that blends in well with the forest floor.

The Capercaillie is primarily a forest bird, found in coniferous and mixed forests across Europe. However, their habitat has drastically decreased over the years due to deforestation for human settlements and agriculture. Conservation efforts are being made to protect these birds and their natural habitats.

The diet of the Capercaillie consists of mainly plant material, such as buds, leaves, and berries. During the winter months, it also feeds on various types of fungi. In the summer, males will occasionally consume insects to increase their protein levels during the breeding season.

One fascinating aspect of the Capercaillie is its courtship ritual. Males will gather in a specific area of the forest and make a loud, distinctive call, called a ‘lek.’ The call is meant to attract females, and the males often display their impressive feathers while calling. Females will visit the lek and choose their mate based on their display and call. Once a pair forms, they will mate, and the female will lay her eggs in a shallow depression on the forest floor.

In conclusion, the Black-billed Capercaillie is an impressive game bird, unique in its physical features and courtship rituals. It is also an essential part of the forest ecosystem, and steps must be taken to protect its dwindling habitats.

Other names

Tetrao urogalloides



Black-billed Capercaillie

gall fer becnegre



crnokljuni tetrijeb

tetřev černozobý

Sortnæbbet Tjur



Tétras à bec noir


Gallo cedrone becconero


mažasnapis kurtinys


głuszec czarnodzioby


Каменный глухарь

Crnokljuni veliki tetreb

hlucháň tajgový

Urogallo piquinegro

svartnäbbad tjäder

Sibirya Orman Tavuğu

глушець чорнодзьобий

kivimetsis (kivimõtus)

rövidcsőrű siketfajd

akmeņu mednis