Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)

The Western Capercaillie bird, also known as the wood grouse, is a large bird that belongs to the grouse family. It is native to the coniferous forests of Europe and Asia, commonly found in Scandinavia, the Alps, and the Carpathian Mountains.

The Western Capercaillie is a remarkable and beautiful bird, with the males being larger than females, standing around 75-85 cm tall and weighing up to 6 kg. The male's plumage is predominantly dark with iridescent green and purple feathers on the neck and shoulders. The female, on the other hand, has a brownish plumage with black and white spots. Juvenile Capercaillies have a reddish-brown plumage.

These birds are strictly woodland birds, and they require large areas of mature coniferous forests with shrubs, mosses, and lichens for food and cover. They are active during the day, especially during dawn and dusk, feeding on buds, leaves, berries, and insects. They are also known for their distinctive mating displays, where males perform a courtship dance during the breeding season, producing a distinct call to attract females.

Western Capercaillies are monogamous and breed in the spring. The female lays around 7 to 10 eggs that hatch after approximately 24 days. The chicks are cared for by the female and are able to fly and feed on their own within a few weeks.

Unfortunately, Western Capercaillie populations have been in decline due to habitat loss and fragmentation, resulting from human activities such as logging and land development. Other factors include disease, predation, and hunting. To protect their populations, conservation efforts have been made, including habitat restoration and protection as well as strict regulations on hunting.

In conclusion, the Western Capercaillie is an important forest bird and a critical part of forest ecosystems. Their unique behaviors, striking plumage, and habitat requirements make them an important species to conserve.

Other names

Tetrao urogallus



Western Capercaillie

gall fer comú



tetrijeb gluhan

tetřev hlušec




Grand Tétras


Gallo cedrone


vakarinis kurtinys


głuszec (zwyczajny)



Veliki tetreb

hlucháň hôrny

Urogallo común


Büyük Orman Tavuğu

глушець білодзьобий

metsis e. mõtus





divji petelin