Caspian Snowcock (Tetraogallus caspius)

The Caspian Snowcock is a unique bird found in the Central Asian region across the Middle East, specifically in the central mountain ranges of the area. It is a large bird, with males weighing around 2 kg and females 1.5 kg. They are known for their distinctive white patches on the black wings, combined with grey and brown feathers on the head, neck, and back.

Being a mountain bird, the Caspian Snowcock can only be found at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 meters, often in rocky, steep slopes that are difficult to navigate. They are known for their exceptional ability to climb and even fly short distances, which helps them escape predators and find food. The diet of the Caspian Snowcock primarily consists of plant matter, including seeds, flowers, and foliage. During winter, they will search for food under the snow cover that lies along steep slopes.

The Caspian Snowcock is known for its distinctive "kur-kur-kur" call that echoes through the mountains. Breeding takes place in early summer, and a single clutch of eggs containing 2-7 eggs is laid. The male Caspian Snowcock is known for its elaborate courtship displays, involving calling, strutting, and displaying feathers. Typically, the eggs will hatch in about 30 days, and the newly hatched chicks are precocial, meaning they are fully active and mobile, and can feed themselves.

Despite its unique characteristics and adaptations, the Caspian Snowcock faces several challenges in the region, due to human settlement and development, as well as climate change and other environmental factors. Their natural habitat is under threat, and they are often hunted for their meat and feathers. However, organizations and governments are taking steps to protect and conserve this remarkable bird, and there are strategies in place to promote sustainable living and balance human needs with those of nature.

Other names

Tetraogallus caspius



Caspian Snowcock

gall nival del Caspi



sivoprsi jareb

velekur kaspický

Kaspisk Kongehøne

Kaspisch Berghoen


Tétraogalle de Perse


Tetraogallo del Caspio


kaspijinis ularas


ułar kaspijski


Каспийский улар

Kaspijska koka

ular kaspický

Perdigallo del Caspio

kaspisk snöhöna


улар прикаспійський

pärsia mägikana

kaszpi királyfogoly


Kaspijas sniegirbe


kaspijska skalna kokoš