Himalayan Snowcock (Tetraogallus himalayensis)

The Himalayan Snowcock bird is a large game bird that is native to the Himalayan Mountains in Central Asia. These birds are known for their striking appearance, with blue-grey feathers and a white head, giving them a distinctive look. They are also one of the largest mountain-dwelling game birds, weighing in at up to 3kgs and measuring up to 70 cms in length.

These birds are found at high elevations of over 4000 meters in the Himalayan mountain ranges and are well adapted to the harsh alpine conditions in which they live. They are known to inhabit steep rocky slopes, alpine meadows, and grassy scrublands which provide them valuable cover and a source of food.

Himalayan snowcocks are primarily herbivorous and feed on a wide range of vegetation, including leaves, flowers, seeds, and berries. They are considered very tough and resilient when it comes to surviving tough weather conditions such as harsh winters and heavy snowfall.

Due to their remote habitat, Himalayan Snowcocks are not often seen by humans. They are considered as an important game bird by hunters and are primarily hunted for their meat. However, there is very little information about their population size or any conservation issues that may be affecting them.

Overall, the Himalayan Snowcock is a fascinating bird with an impressive adapability to their harsh mountainous environment. It is important to conduct further research and increase awareness towards their conservation to avoid any possibility of them becoming endangered.

Other names

Tetraogallus himalayensis



Himalayan Snowcock

gall nival de l'Himàlaia



pjegavoprsi jareb

velekur himálajský




Tétraogalle de l’Himalaya


Tetraogallo dell'Himalaya


himalajinis ularas


ułar himalajski


Гималайский улар

Himalajska koka

ular himalájsky

Perdigallo himalayo


Himalaya Urkekliği

улар гімалайський

suur-mägikana (himaalaja mägikana)

himalájai királyfogoly

Himalaju sniegirbe