Tibetan Snowcock (Tetraogallus tibetanus)

The Tibetan Snowcock bird, scientifically known as Tetraogallus tibetanus, is a bird species that is commonly found in the Himalayan mountain range. This bird is admired for its exceptional beauty and unique characteristics. The Tibetan Snowcock bird is highly adapted to living in harsh and extreme environments, often thriving in areas where other birds cannot. The bird's natural habitat is in high elevation areas that are rocky, steep, and cold.

The Tibetan Snowcock bird is a medium-sized bird, often growing to about 55-65 cm in length, and weighing an average of 1.5-2 kg. Its stunning appearance is marked by a combination of black, white, and brown feathers, with a distinctive white tail stripe. The bird's upper body is mostly brown to gray in color, while its underparts are white. It has a plump and sturdy body with short legs and a broad head, which is crowned by a small crest. The bird's most striking feature is its bright red eye.

This bird species is known for its unique mating habits, where males perform loud, booming calls to attract females. Males often perch on rocks or in treetops to do this, creating a spectacle for all who witness it. The bird is known to be monogamous and forms lifelong pair bonds. They prefer nesting in rocky areas, with females laying 3-6 eggs that are incubated for about 25-30 days.

The Tibetan Snowcock bird is a ground-dwelling bird that feeds mainly on a diet of plant materials such as roots and berries. They are also known to consume insects and small invertebrates in the summer months. The bird is known to be a slow runner, often taking cover in rocky crevices when it senses danger.

The Tibetan Snowcock bird is highly revered in Tibetan culture and is known to have spiritual significance to Buddhists. The bird is also of great importance to hunters and is considered a prized game bird due to its meat.

In conclusion, the Tibetan Snowcock bird is a fascinating species with unique features, including its mating ritual and striking appearance. This bird is an icon of the high-altitude Himalayan ecosystem and an example of how animals adapt to life in extreme environments. Their significance to Tibetan culture and unique characteristics make them a treasured species in the bird world.

Other names

Tetraogallus tibetanus



Tibetan Snowcock

gall nival del Tibet



tibetski jareb

velekur tibetský


Tibetaans Berghoen


Tétraogalle du Tibet


Tetraogallo del Tibet


tibetinis ularas


ułar tybetański


Тибетский улар

Tibetanska koka

ular tibetský

Perdigallo tibetano


Tibet Urkekliği

улар тибетський

tiibeti mägikana

tibeti királyfogoly

Tibetas sniegirbe