Chinese Grouse (Tetrastes sewerzowi)

The Chinese Grouse bird, also known as the Chinese hazel grouse, is a fascinating bird that is endemic to China. It belongs to the family Phasianidae, which is known for making up a diverse group of birds that includes pheasants, partridges, and quails. The Chinese Grouse bird is a medium-sized bird and is known for its beautifully marked plumage. The male bird has a black cap and a white throat, breast and belly, while the female's body is mainly brown with blackish bars on the wings. Both sexes have a distinctive pale band across their tails.

The Chinese Grouse bird is a highlight to birders visiting the forests in China. It inhabits various mountain ranges from Central to Northeastern China, including the famous Changbai Mountains, and prefers dense forests with coniferous and mixed forests in the mid-elevation zone. The Chinese Grouse bird is diurnal, meaning it is active during the daytime, and is known to feed on seeds and berries, as well as insects.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Chinese Grouse bird is that its mating behaviour is unique in comparison to other birds. During the breeding season, the male Chinese Grouse bird will find a branch that is situated in a high position and tread it until it snaps, producing a loud noise that can be heard from a far distance. The male bird will continue this behaviour, even injuring itself, to attract a female grouse. If the female is attracted to the male's display, the pair will mate soon after.

The Chinese Grouse bird is currently listed as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List due to habitat destruction, hunting, and disease. Conservation efforts are underway to protect the Chinese Grouse bird's habitat, and breeding programmes have been established to increase the population of this fascinating bird. For bird watchers, spotting a Chinese Grouse bird in the wild is truly a special experience, and it is essential that we continue to protect their habitat to preserve this magnificent bird for the future.

Other names

Tetrastes sewerzowi



Chinese Grouse

grèvol de la Xina



kineska lještarka

jeřábek čínský

Kinesisk Hjerpe



Gélinotte de Severtsov


Francolino di monte della Cina


Severcovo jerubė


jarząbek chiński


Рябчик Северцова

Kineska leštarka

jariabok čínsky

Grévol chino

kinesisk järpe

Çin Fındık Tavuğu

орябок китайський


tibeti császármadár

Ķīnas mežirbe