Patagonian Tinamou (Tinamotis ingoufi)

The Patagonian Tinamou bird is a species of ground-dwelling bird that is native to the grasslands and shrublands of southern Argentina and Chile. Also known as the Patagonian Crested Tinamou, this bird can grow up to 40 cm in length and weighs around 600 grams. The species is known for its distinct appearance and unique characteristics, making it an intriguing bird to observe.

The Patagonian Tinamou bird has a distinctive appearance with a brown, black and white-spotted plume of feathers. It has a defined white crest on its head, a rufous-brown crown, and black and white bandings around its neck. Unlike other bird species, the Patagonian Tinamou has a broad body and short tail that gives it an earthy appearance.

Patagonian Tinamous are solitary birds that are active both day and night. They are shy and often difficult to spot in the wild, but they are known for their vocalization. Male Tinamous emit a loud call that sounds like an "oooh-oooh-oooh," usually heard during the breeding season, indicating its presence.

These flightless birds have strong legs and feet, which can move fast and help them to navigate through different landscapes, including the sloping terrain found in Patagonia. They have omnivorous dietary habits, and their diet consists of insects, seeds, fruits, and small vertebrates.

The breeding season of Patagonian Tinamous occurs between September and March. During the breeding period, male Tinamous create circular depressions on the ground, where they dance and make calls to attract females for mating. Females usually lay around 4-6 cream-colored eggs at a time, and the male takes care of the eggs while the female goes out to forage and drink water.

The Patagonian Tinamou bird is currently considered a species of "Least Concern" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with no immediate threat to its population. However, habitat loss due to human activities can have significant impacts on its population in the long-run. Conservation efforts to preserve the grasslands, shrublands, and meadows of Patagonia will be crucial to ensure the sustainable future of this distinctive bird species in the wild.

Other names

Tinamotis ingoufi



Patagonian Tinamou

tinamú de la Patagònia



patagonski tinamu

tinama patagonská

Patagonsk Tinamu

Patagonische Tinamoe


Tinamou de Patagonie


Tinamo di Patagonia


patagoninis tinamas


kusoń patagoński


Патагонский горно-степной тинаму

Patagonski tinamu

inambu stepný

Kiula patagona


Boyalı Tinamu

інамбу патагонський

patagoonia tinamu