Blyth's Tragopan (Tragopan blythii)

The Blyth's Tragopan bird, also known as the orange-breasted tragopan, is a stunning-looking bird species native to the eastern Himalayas of India, Nepal, Tibet and China. This bird is part of the pheasant family and is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

The male Blyth's Tragopan is particularly striking, with its brightly coloured plumage consisting of orange and black feathers on the breast and abdomen. It also has a striking pattern of white spots on its upper back and wings. The female Blyth's Tragopan is less colourful, with a more muted plumage consisting of brown and black feathers, with white spots on the wings.

Blyth's Tragopan birds can be found in forests and mountainous areas, especially in locations with dense undergrowth and bamboo. They feed on a variety of fruits, berries, seeds, and insects, and are often solitary or found in pairs during mating season.

Despite their beauty, the Blyth's Tragopan bird is considered a vulnerable species, with their population on the decline due to habitat loss and hunting. The loss of forests and deforestation have led to a reduction in their natural habitat, making it difficult for them to find enough food and suitable nesting sites.

Conservation efforts to protect this bird species have been implemented, including the establishment of protected areas and breeding programs in captivity. The breeding program in captivity is considered successful for this species. Education programs are also being conducted to raise awareness on the importance of preserving the Blyth's Tragopan bird and their role in the ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Blyth's Tragopan bird is a beautiful and unique bird species that requires protection and conservation measures to ensure its survival. Its striking plumage and habitat make it an integral part of the ecosystem, and efforts to conserve this bird species will benefit not only the bird itself but also the entire environment.

Other names

Tragopan blythii



Blyth's Tragopan

tragopan de Blyth



crvenoprsi tragopan

satyr žlutolící


Blyths Saterhoen


Tragopan de Blyth


Tragopan di Blyth


Blaito satyras


tragopan żółtolicy


Серобрюхий трагопан

Crvenogrudi tragopan

tragopan žltolíci

Tragopán de Blyth

gråbukig tragopan

Sarı Yüzlü Tragopan

трагопан сірогрудий

nagalandi helmesfaasan (nagalandi tragopan)

fehérhasú tragopán

pelēkvēdera tragopāns, Blīsa tragopāns