Western Tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus)

Western Tragopan, also known as the Western Horned Tragopan or Jujurana, is a bird species found in the western Himalayas of Indian subcontinent. This bird belongs to the Phasianidae family, which includes pheasants and partridges. It is known for its stunning plumage, which contrasts with its rocky and rugged range.

The male Western Tragopan bird carries flashy and bright feathers, including a red bill, chest, and crest on the head that contrasts with its black body. The male birds also have white spots on their wings, along with a black-bordered patch at the base of their blue-grey tail. Females are slightly smaller, with a brownish-olive plumage that blends well with their habitat.

These birds are very secretive and usually stay hidden in the dense forests of the Western Himalayas. They reside in steep rocky slopes covered with abundant vegetation, such as rhododendron, oak, and pine trees. These birds usually forage on the ground for seeds, fruits, small insects, and invertebrates.

Western Tragopan is one of the highly endangered bird species in India, and its population is rapidly declining. Habitat destruction, hunting, and poaching have caused a significant decrease in their numbers. Conservationists and government authorities are making efforts to protect these magnificent birds by creating national parks and wildlife reserves, enforcing laws, and encouraging eco-tourism in the region.

In conclusion, Western Tragopan is a beautiful and unique bird species found in the western Himalayas, known for its brilliant plumage and secretive behavior. Their population is facing significant threats, and conservation efforts are essential to preserve this species for future generations.

Other names

Tragopan melanocephalus



Western Tragopan

tragopan occidental



mrki tragopan

satyr černohlavý

Vestlig Tragopan



Tragopan de Hastings


Tragopan occidentale


juodagalvis satyras


tragopan rudolicy


Черноголовый трагопан

Mrki tragopan

tragopan čiernohlavý

Tragopán dorsigrís

västlig tragopan

Karaca Tragopan

трагопан чорноголовий

tõmmu-helmesfaasan (tõmmutragopan)


melngalvas tragopāns