Greater Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido)

The Greater Prairie Chicken, also known as Tympanuchus cupido, is a species of bird that belongs to the grouse family. These impressive birds have been around for thousands of years, but unfortunately, they are now considered endangered due to habitat loss, hunting, and other factors.

The Greater Prairie Chicken is a fascinating bird with a unique courtship ritual. During the breeding season, males will flock to specific areas known as leks to display their impressive feathers and make booming vocalizations. The males will also engage in elaborate dances that involve jumping, puffing out their chests, and strutting around in an attempt to attract females. This display of courtship is often referred to as a "booming dance."

These birds are relatively large, growing up to about 17-18 inches in length, with a wingspan of 28-30 inches. They are also very heavy, weighing up to 2.5 pounds.

Greater Prairie Chickens are primarily found in the Great Plains of North America, specifically in tallgrass prairies, savannas, and sagebrush habitats. These habitats provide the birds with the cover, food, and nesting sites they need to survive.

Unfortunately, habitat loss has led to a decline in Greater Prairie Chicken populations. Agriculture, urbanization, and other human activities have fragmented and destroyed prairie habitats, making it difficult for the birds to find suitable breeding grounds. Hunting has also played a role in the decline of the species. For many years, these birds were hunted for their meat and feathers, and their populations never fully recovered.

Efforts are currently underway to conserve and protect Greater Prairie Chicken populations. Conservation organizations are working to restore and expand prairie habitats, while also educating the public about the importance of these birds. With continued efforts, it is hoped that Greater Prairie Chickens will once again thrive in North America.

Other names

Tympanuchus cupido



Greater Prairie Chicken

gall de les praderies gros



prerijska lještarka

tetřívek prériový




Tétras des prairies


Gallo prataiolo maggiore


didysis prerinis tetervinas


preriokur dwuczuby


Большой степной тетерев

Velika prerijska koka

kupido prériový

Gallo de las praderas grande

större präriehöna

Büyük Çayır Tavuğu

тетерук лучний


nagy prérityúk

lielais prēriju rubenis