Udzungwa Forest Partridge (Xenoperdix udzungwensis)

The Udzungwa Forest Partridge, also known as the Shelow's or Udzungwa Partridge, is a rare and endangered bird species found in the eastern arc mountains of Tanzania. It is a medium-sized bird with a length of about 25 cm and weighs around 190 grams.

This bird is primarily found in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, which is a biodiversity hotspot and a protected area for various species of flora and fauna. The Udzungwa Forest Partridge prefers to inhabit the dense submontane forests that are at an altitude of around 800 to 1,500 meters above sea level.

The Udzungwa Forest Partridge has a unique set of physical characteristics that set it apart from other partridge species. For instance, it has a striking black patch that runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck, which contrasts with the chestnut-colored head and neck. The body has a beautiful olive-green color with distinctive white spotting around the wings, throat, and lower belly.

These birds are usually found in pairs or in small groups of up to six individuals, and they are active during the early morning and late afternoon hours. Their diet primarily consists of seeds and insects found on the forest floor.

Conservationists have listed the Udzungwa Forest Partridge as an endangered species due to habitat loss caused by human activities, such as deforestation, agricultural practices, and human settlements. Additionally, the species is also subjected to hunting for its meat and feathers.

Efforts have been made to protect the Udzungwa Forest Partridge, including habitat conservation and restoration, education and awareness programs, and the establishment of protected areas. However, much work still needs to be done to ensure the survival and long-term viability of this magnificent bird species.

Other names

Xenoperdix udzungwensis



Udzungwa Forest Partridge

perdiu de Tanzània



tanzanska trčka

koroptev tanzanská




Xénoperdrix de Tanzanie


Pernice degli Udzungwa


tanzaninė kurapka




Удзунгвасская куропатка

Jarebica sa planina Udzungva i Rubeho

kurička tanzánijská

Perdiz de las Udzungwa


Udzungva Orman Kekliği

куріпка африканська

udzungwa nõlvakana

udzungwai erdeifogoly